"Freshly squeezed with the pips removed....real yoga, with a taste to knock you out!"

Twenty-first century yoga for a 21st century lifestyle.

What Is Practical Yoga?

Quite like the idea of yoga, but put off by the  “holier-than-thou” piousness normally associated with it?

Most people who seek out a yoga class in the 21st century do so not because they want to buy into the all-incompassing way of life dictated by the founders of ancient yoga – they want yoga because they want help to release unhelpful patterns in the body, to manage the limitations brought about by time, injury or illness, or to simply reconnect with themselves in a way that often isn’t possible in their ultrabusy, sedentary lives.

Practical Yoga is what it suggests: a down-to-earth approach to looking after the mind and body that encourages body awareness, physical vitality and emotional wellbeing.  This is yoga for western sensibilities, so we avoid chanting, traditional “yoga music” and any practices that suggest religious or spiritual undertones, replacing these with laughter, modern music and common sense! More

Six Flavours to Suit All Tastes

Some of us love the tang of hot, spicy dishes for our go-to meal, while others prefer more delicate, subtle, but equally delicious flavours. It’s the same with yoga – some people want to stress and stretch tissue, while others want to focus. It’s all yoga, but it’s hard to please everybody in a single class.

We want to offer as many different “flavours” of yoga as possible, so we’ve designed 6 class types, each with a different feel; from the high energy, sheer graft required in our Power Vinyasa class, to the turning inward that comes with practice in our No Mind sessions.

Whether you’re trying to get fit after a long period of inactivity, a seasoned yogi looking to continue your practice in a stimulating environment, a sportsperson/athlete who needs to extend range of movement, improve core strength and reduce injuries, or you just love challenging workouts to banging tunes, there’s a class to suit you! More


Yoga in Canterbury & Beyond…

Our weekly group classes take place in Canterbury, Kent, with 1:1 sessions in Faversham and Ashford, but you can join us wherever you’re located…

Join Us via Skype
If you have access to a webcam and some free floor space, it’s possible to become a Practical Yoga student using Skype. You’ll be surprised just how easy and effective it can be to practice yoga in this way. More

Join us at a Workshop
We run regular half-day workshops in the Canterbury area. on regular basis. These events allow us to focus attention on popular subjects such as backbends, inversions or yoga for the mind. More

Join us at a Retreat
Join us on a retreat here in the UK or at one of our overseas destinations in gorgeous locations that allow us all plenty of time to relax, do inspiring yoga, enjoy stunning landscapes and feast on the best food (meat as well as vegetarian !) available. More